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Thursday, 2 February 2012

The L Word

Thanks to Tara Mc I am going to inflict you all with a little story about a group of LA Lesbians who appear to have it all, this is The L Word!
I remember the day I first found out about the L Word, it was or may  have been 2003.  My good pal Conway had rallied the local lesbo's to my house to watch this totally revolutionary gay TV show.  So there we all are about ten of us, sitting wedged on one couch (it was big) ready to watch the lesbo show of the century, when in walked my sister "we watching?" she asked.  "The new gay show that Conway got in the States" I reply, now as open as my sister is to my sexuality her reply was "You cant force me to watch a gang of lesbians all over each other on telly"  I ignored her and watched her sit on the arm of the chair.

Three hours later she is sitting wedged in between two of my pals with her hand in a bowl of popcorn.  The following day I return home from work to find her in her PJ's in bed with two of her friends with pizza and a two ltr of Coke and her reply was "Jesus Joy, this is deadly, that Jenny is a Tramp" and they all continued munching away, engrosed in it.

That is the Joy of the L Word, as soon as you put aside the fact that they are all lesbo's the sooner you realise what a clever show it really is

I loved this show when it first began. the issues it addressed were some we can all relate too.  I have been cheated on, I know first hand the struggle with being in a relationship and wanting a child, we have all been affected somehow by the dreaded Cancer.  When I say we I don't just mean lesbians, I mean everyone. 

Ok, its far fetched to think that there are that many hot looking woman in one place all batting for my team but who cares, they get naked every five minutes and lets face it who wants to look at unattractive people getting naked on screen. 

My favourite season was season there where Alice goes crazy obsessing about Dana, I particularly like the scene where she follows her in the car which is side breakingly funny.  I just love Alice, I don't however love her off screen band UH UH HER or whatever.  I endured a couple of hours of this band in Whelans and let me tell you I was BORRREEEEDDD!!!!!

I hated and I mean hated Jenny.  From her first whiny entrance to her untimely death in 2009, I coundn't stand her.  Ok the issues of her self harming, child abuse etc, were an interesting storyline but with her everything was over drama....she was a total pain in the ass.  

All in all I miss the L Word and have to admit I still watch it when its on late night Living but for those of you who didn't watch it because it was a Lesbian thing, it may have had lots of Lesbians in it but almost everyone can relate to the story lines and it was pretty funny.