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Thursday, 17 January 2013


Why in the name of Jesus can I not motivate myself to exercise.  I keep coming up with the crappiest excuses, like:

1.     It's too cold.
2.     It's too rainy.
3.     It's too cold and rainy (It is Ireland after all)
4.     The couch is comfortable.
5.     The house is warm.
6.     I have to get dressed.(This  excuse I use to get out of many things, not just the Gym)
7.     My bike is in the shed, it will take me ages to get it out.
8.     I have to root for gym gear.(by root I mean open the bottom drawer)
9.     I'm too tired.
10.   I'm too full.
11.   I'm too tired and full.(because you get very tired and hungry trying to motivate yourself)
12.   It's too dark.(This is a valid excuse, I could die on those country roads)
13.   The Gym's too far away.
14.   I'd go before work but I couldn't be arsed.
15.   I'd go after work but I'm so tired from all the work I couldn't be arsed.

My lazyness knows no bounds.  I could go on and on.  If I spent as much time at the Gym as thinking about ways to avoid the Gym I would be a fit as a fiddle.

Its the new year...well it's more than two weeks into the new year and the most I managed to do was attend my local weight watchers....the mortification of it.  I must have joined about six times in the last two years and each time I go back my starting weight is heavier.  What is it going to take?

I know its a bit late but I'm going to add to my new years resoloution.  My new years resolution was to give up the smokes and cut down on the booze......Now I'm not saying I was a drunk but this one time, after a couple of Captain and Cokes, I stood into the toilet and tried to flush myself into the Ministery of Magic. True Story.

Anyway, I gave up the smokes on the 2nd of January and have managed to stay off them.  I have tried and failed and tried and failed to get myself in shape...I have tried every exercise class under the sun and gone crazy doing them, then miss a couple of classes and never go back...

These are the classes I've tried:

Bickram (hot yoga) - should actually be called Sickram, I totally got sick after that one.
Boxfit - I actualy loved this, bar the fight at the end of it, mortifying.
Spinning - Merciful hour....the instructer can tell when your only pretending to up your gears.
Step Classes - If I could co-ordinate myself I might have actually enjoyed this.
TRX - Love this, this might be another option to go back to.
Kettlebells - These look nothing like kettles, or bells for that matter....
Swimming - I like swimming, but its so much effort to get changed and dried etc.
Circuts - not bad but more suitable to Gladiators
Running - YAWN

Again, I could go on and on! Am I destined to be a blimp....I dont want to it's does one motivate themself.  Motivation has been quoted as being "literally the desire to do things"..... Have I enough desire to get in shape..... Only time will tell, but I'll tell you this, if I dont get up of my ass and do something I will be so dissapointed in myself.

So as this is my first blog of the year I am going to set myself a challange.  I'm going to stick to my weight watchers, weigh my foods, cut down on the booze and take up a class or two...If anyone is interested in joining me I would be delighted..after all maybe we can motivate each other.