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Monday, 30 January 2012

Wet Cold

Due to very unpopular demand I have been asked to write a new blog, I decided against it until a friend of mine asked me to write one.  I left the topic up to her and she asked me to do a post about 'Wet Cold'...  

Now faced with the dilemma about what exactly to write about wet cold I started to think about things that were both Wet and Cold.

I started to think about the word wet....what comes to mind, no sexual innuendos people, this is a family blog...anyway...wet!!! rain, water, a coke, a sprite, ice, bleach, fabreeze, a tongue, urine.....I find that I can't really find that many wet things so I decide to google it, I come up with some business called wet, a video game, and in third place a wiki page listing something about liquid and what not...I was bored with that so I decided to #wet on Twitter. should hash tag it just to see.  Page after page of what my mother would have called filth.  Now I am not a prude, I am far from it, but Twitter is obviously a meeting place for miscreants worldwide.... 

So I decided to move on to 'Cold'....what is cold.....Ice, Ireland, Igloo's, a Freezer, The Artic, bbboooorrrrriiinggg so off to google where there first thing to come up is wiki's answer to cold

"Cold (having less heat) refers to the condition or subjective perception of having low temperature."

then something about the common cold.  So off I went to Twitter and hash tagged COLD...All I got was some posts about snow and winter and some Muppet's going on about a cold heart warm hand bull crap!

About ten minutes into this task I realised how bored I must be to write a blog about the wet cold! but I will continue because I know exactly what she means.  Ireland is Cold and Wet and Wet and Cold and when its not Wet or Cold  it's Damp.  Actually it's Damp most of the time, probably why the potato is our national food. 

When one travels they realise that there are different types of cold.  When for instance you arrive in say Toronto or New York when its snowy, the cold hits you, but it's not damp cold, or wet cold as we Irish have it, it's crisp and sharp. it can cut you in two. When people land in Dublin airport they get off the plane and expect to see green fields and leprechauns running around with pots of gold.

Instead they get hit in the face with sidewards rain which soon turns to floating drizzle and then fat heavy painful the time they can open their eyes they realise that its not green green grass but dirty grey pavements and wet wet cold.
That said when the rain clears and sun comes out Ireland is one of the most beautiful places on this earth and for those seven days of the year everyone is happy and if wearing green might actually be mistaken for a leprechaun !! 

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