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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


This blog is a request from Anthony Rafferty, who requested I blog about Netflix.  When this initial request came in I was like, what the sweet mother of devine Jesus is Netflix.  I had heard something about it on the news on the 9th of January 2012 and paid little attention to it as I was hitting "LIKE" a number of times to a cartoon I found much more interesting at the time.

This to be precise!!

Not being one to write about something I know nothing about, I decided to do a little research.  I could tell you that  Netflix was started in 1997 in California by two guys who were too lazy to get up of their asses to return their rentals and got charged late fees from their video store, this I can relate to as I too hate getting up of my lazy ass to return a dvd and have been known to tut loudly and embarressingly when asked to pay said amount on trying to rent another.

Anyway a few years on and they now doing live streaming for €6.99 a month to watch any number of excellent films and TV shows,on the downside I couldn't find Greys Anatomy but really its not a big deal as I have them on boxset.

I logged on to Netflix and it took me two minutes to register, so long as I had a credit card to use...then it asked me to download silverlight which took me another minute, then it asked me to select various genres and rate selected movies (which I actually enjoyed), another two minutes later it gave me a selection of films and TV shows it recommended for me based on the ratings I gave other movies.

The first movie choice it gave me was a film called Escape From Huang Shi, this film is one of those "true stories"  and stared our own Jonathon Rhys Meyers who plays a Journalist who tries to rescue 60 orphanaged boys in the 1930's during Japans Occupation of China.   I had never even heard of this movie before, so I sat down for the long hall to endure the true Netflix experience.  I expected to endue pauses and sound problems and the usual streaming issues.  

After 152 minutes I have not got one flaw, I thought the movie was brilliant and heartbreaking at the same time.  It is definitely worth a watch and Netflix is definitely worth the €6.99 a month.  

After I decided to Blog about Netflix my good friend Tara informed me she had just download it and watched the Blair Witch Project.  She also said it was shite, her words not mine, and not Netflix, The Blair Witch, she too had an enjoyable (bar the crappy movie choice) Netflix experience.

All in all I would like to say a huge thank you to Anthony Rafferty who asked me to blog about Netflix and has opened up a whole new experience for me.  As some of you might know I am not a fan of downloading movies/music I like it the old fashioned way but boy am I a total cabbage because this is marvellous, it doesn't fill up your hard-drive and you can watch any number of movies over and over again.

I cannot say enough good things about Netflix, it is just too too cool!  Happy Netflixing!


  1. Yay!! i finally got a frickin mention! ....the blair witch is indeed shite. Why wouldnt that woman with the snotty nose ever shut the f*ck up!?

    1. Hhhhaaaaaaa! Delighted! Now share it!