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Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 4 Late for a flight a a plane with 10 seats!

After the previous nights antics and late arrival home it felt like i had been asleep for about five minutes before I heard the phone ring... It was in fact 45 minutes.

I looked at my watch and realized it was 3am.... What the f@&k is going on, I thought!

'hello' - I answer
'good moning ms, this is reception, your car to airport is ready'
'excuse me'
'you transfer to airport is here'
'but that's not till 4 this afternoon'
'no ms, I sorry, it 4am'
'ok I'll be down soon' I tut at the phone and slam it down before I had a chance to start winging about it!

I jump up and start shoving all our crap into the bags muttering Jesus and Shite a lot!! We throw ourselves through the doors of the lift willing them to move faster, my pal knows better than to even talk to me right now, shes staring at the buttons on the wall and willing each little light to bing a little quicker...down to the lobby and we look like two crazy drunks as we run to the car, throwing the express checkout form at the woman!

When we get Into the car myself and my pal argue about who didn't check the times and we were oblivious to the passing Tuk Tuks and people that had so interested us on our earlier journey into Bangkok! I seriously couldn't be leaving the place quick enough but thought it might be on my terms...

We arrive at the airport and run to check in! Force our way through security and beat our way to the gate! All the while looking like two scruffy half dressed lunatics out for a day trip!

When we get to the gate we run out he doors straight onto the tarmac, the heat and smell hits me in the face! I stand there looking out at what appeared to be our plane but it couldn't have been, it was tiny and had a propeller and looked like it had been in use since the time of the wright brothers! It was like a VW bus with two headboards attached to the sides! I knew I could see duct tape hanging out of something....but I wasn't sure what!!

Awe bollox, I thought we were going to be on a real plane! We are defo going to die on this yolk...I knew things were bad when they seated us according to weight! There were fearful glances being passed between everyone and I quickly asked my pal 'how long Is this flight' - 'only a couple of hours' she said! Ever the optimist....

When we were about to take off everyone had their eyes glued to window trying to see if there was someone starting the propeller by hand and as it bounced its way up the runway people started to hold hands and I'm convinced I heard someone praying in the seat in front Of me....But up we climbed and we were soon soaring through the clouds!

About ten seconds into the flight we were all nauseous! The bumping began and the plane was all over the place, going side to side, up and down and left to right!! It was bad ..... It continued for the entire flight, without food or drink service and then landed with another bump causing half the passengers to cry with relief and the other half to vomit on each other..... I was one of the criers!

When we got off the plane and collected our bags we were taken by another town car to our hotel! It was fabulous... It was all gold and shiny.... It was like a budda palace! We dumped the bags and went out to get some lunch! Chaing Mai was much smaller than Bangkok, the people were nice and there were some really cute little stores! The night life (or day) was similar but not as in your face! We spent the afternoon wandering around and went back to the hotel to have a quick sleep and shower before our induction meeting that was arranged for 9pm that evening in preparation for our trek!!

We hopped into bed about 5 pm hoping to awake at 8.30 pm to meet the trek guide and discuss the trip! You can imagine our surprise when we woke and found it was 2.30am....... F@&k we did it again.... But seriously, how important is an induction I asked!!! It can't be too important can it????

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