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Friday, 27 July 2012

Day 6 - No Shoes,a crazy snake and a pack of wolves!

I woke on day six terrified of the day ahead! I was surprised I slept but really I had been suffering from shock and exhaustion from the previous days excursions so it was no wonder I had went out for the count!

The sun was shining so I decided that optimism was probably the best way to go! My feet were in ribbons, there were wounds, well if you could call gaping holes wounds, in my legs and feet, the soles were raw and I had a couple of cuts that I had obviously missed during last nights examination.

I hobbled down to the table and sat with my pal! Everyone gave me a big welcome and all were very concerned about my feet! That made me feel a little better! We were fed scrambled eggs on stale bread! My stomach wasn't the best but I managed half of it, only because I was terrified we wouldn't be fed until God knows what hour that night.

My pal had collected big leaves and one of the Germans gave me a pair of socks to make a pair of shoes! So I started stuffing the leaves into the bottom of the sock and placed them on my feet! They were very slidey!! I felt like with every step I took I was sliding around so I took them off and put the sock on then tied the leaves on with some torn bamboo! I was very McGiver like indeed. This worked a bit better!

We set off and all was fine for a couple of hours, that was until we reached another valley that we had to climb out of. There was a steep slope that was all rocks and trees! The rocks werent nice smooth ones, no, they were sharpe spiky ones that cut into your skin. The leaves had fallen off and now I was just climbing up the slope in just the socks! They were now wet and torn. With every step I could feel all the optimism that I had that morning being sucked out of me! I couldn't even cry.

After a three hour climb we stopped at the top for some more stale bread but I was feeling really sick and no amount of cajoling me would help! I think I was in shock because I couldn't even speak! When the trek guide said we were off I just stood up and started walking! I didn't even moan, what was the point.

Another hour or so later, I think I had slipped into a walking coma because I had no conception of time or distance but there was a big commotion to my left! I was marching along and out of nowhere the trek guide came up with a huge machete! He took a swung near my head, swoosh I heard, I barley looked up from my feet. But I looked up enough to see the head of a snake fall directly at my left foot.

My pal who came running up to me said 'wow, did ya see that, ya nearly walked Into the snake .... You could have died!'. I replied with "there are still three more days of this, I'm sure I be dead before the end of it" and over the snake I stepped! The way I figured it, the faster I walked the sooner this trip would be over. The day continued on pretty much like that! I would have random conversations with random people at various times but I think I was in a trance! I hadn't really eaten in two days! I wasn't drinking enough water because my stomach felt like it was closed and I was totally unclean. It was horrendous!

When we reached our next stop it was night! We could see very little but I figured it was much like the previous nights hut. We all split up in our couples, covered ourselves in muslin to keep out the Mosquitos and used our respective companions for heat!

About two or three in the morning I awoke to the sounds of snarling.... At first I thought it was the Germans having a domestic! Then I
Heard a snap and what sounded like scuffling. With that I routed around for the flashlight one of the lads had given my pal.. I turned it on, it wasn't great but just as soon as I turned it I I wished I hadn't!

A pack of wild dogs had made their way into the hut. There was about five of them! Totally oblivious of our presence and looking like they were going to tear seven shades of shite out of each other! My pal woke up and looked at where my light was shining, I
Could feel her body stiffen! "I think we may be about to die now" I whispered.

I could hear someone whimpering from across the room! The dogs were still growling at each other, I was waiting for the attack I knew it was coming, they were circling each other! One of the dogs leapt at another and all hell broke loose.. They were all over the hut, tearing lumps out of each other !!! It was the most terrifying moment of my life! One of the other women was hysterical! She was screaming and her partner was screaming at her through gritted teeth to calm down!

Myself and my pal clung to each other, I don't even think we were breathing! One of the dogs jumped on another and they both fell out of the hut! The remaining ones followed down the steps... I could hear them savaging each other outside!

Everyone knocked on their torches and the room lit up! We were still clinging to each other and you could tell everyone was shook! One of the guys was asking everyone were they all right! We eventually all settled down again into our couples and the torches were turned off! No one slept that night, myself and my pal hung onto each other tightly for the rest of the night until the sun crept in the following morning!

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